Boundaries 1995




Entrapped in widened heights,
in starry, eye constricting heights,
forever imagined heights,
unspeakably blessed heights,
mother of earth unyielding heights,
bare as buttocks cleft heights,
as bosom ravenous heights,
mindfully pregnant heights,
limbless, unstretched heights,
short of breath heights,
in moan embittered heights,
in tongue unleashed
surf fathered heights
your destiny lies.

marek bogacki staszkiewicz©1995

Boundaries was organised by Project X at Pyramid Arts Centre and other locations in Rochester NY in 1995. It explored ideas and forms of the concept of community.

Can the actual community, the people, really be disregarded so easily? When does an emphasis on social issues normally associated with community arts practice surpass the need for people? How can a work be site specific if it is not site generated? What commentaries can be made about distant or alien environments without the risk of distortion? How can outsiders become involved in a city which does not know or care about what they are doing?

Artists from different backgrounds and points of view addressed these issues in a variety of media including photography, video, film, sound, text & installation.



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