Apartment at Boulogne, Paris.


A narrow hall is the backbone and the main artery of this flat. Our aim is to make it appear wider to lead the eye forward toward the kitchen.

In the kitchen, a large modern unit rather imposes itself on a room of an architecturally earlier period, while the windows give views over a large expanse of the sky.

To make the kitchen appear bigger, we used a Powder Blue for the walls to relate this space to the sky outside, and to balance the modern yellow of the kitchen unit.

For the floor, a Buff coloured linoleum was chosen to harmonize with the old parquet floor in the hallway and the Powder Blue walls.


We mixed an Italian palazzo colour Travertine Rose for this large and sunny salon. With a chalky body and a warm, natural affect, it recreates subtly an intimate, holding experience.








architect Nicolas Baleydier


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